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How To Measure Garage Door Springs

How To Measure Garage Door Springs?

Today’s garage doors are capable of opening and closing with the help of an advanced technical mechanism. The springs play a very important role in the movement of these doors and are one of the most vital parts of the door that need to be repaired and maintained regularly. While performing the regular check-ups for a garage door, the owner might sometimes require the measurement the springs. Measuring the spring is not that easy and requires you to follow certain techniques as explained below:

  • Measuring the Length: The length of the spring is measured as the distance from one end of the spring to the other, ignoring the length of the cones and considering the length of the coils present on the cone (if any). You basically need to determine the unwound length, though it is not necessary to unwind the spring for this. It will be sufficient to measure the length of the coils and calculate the unwound length from that.
  • Measuring the Diameter: To find the wire diameter, you do not require instruments like callipers or micrometers. You simply require the measurement of 10 and 20 coils. The value for 20 coils must be exactly double that of 10 coils. Now that you have obtained the values, use a chart to find out the wire size.
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  • Finding the Inside Diameter(ID): The next step is to determine the inside diameter of the spring. This can be done with the help of windings and stationary cones. After you have determined it, you should verify it against the measurements given by the manufacturer with the help of the chart.
  • Determining the Wind: The final step would be to determine whether the spring is a right -wind spring or a left-wind one. Usually the right-wind spring remains at the left side above the garage door and the left-wind sprig remains at the right side.